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Mosquito TigreThe tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) is an invasive species from Asia. It is measure small, black, and grated white. Has a radius of action relatively short, approximately 400m from the place of rearing. For this reason, if we prevented in our house are sites where breed, we will be the main beneficiaries.

Males do not itch. Females, on the other hand, if that feed on blood. The eggs are laid in the internal wall of the containers that contain or may contain a small quantities of water.

Live during the warm season, approximately between April and November. Prefers shaded areas and is active, especially during the day. It is not very easy to see, that is agile flight,  small and moves very close to the ground, and that is why the bites tend to be in feet, ankles and legs.


PicadaHis minced does not differ from that of other mosquitoes. However, is usually more strident and aggressive. The reaction of our body to the minced, it can be strong and very uncomfortable, our body is not accustomed to the saliva that injected. It is believed, that, in time, the body generates tolerance. To treat the bites of the tiger mosquito we can implement the traditional remedies: ammonia, vinegar, creams ... Refresh the minced area also helps, decreases itching sensation. If the reaction is very strong or discomfort persist, consult with your doctor.

 The tiger mosquito can transmit diseases. In Europe there have been cases of Chikungunya and Dengue.However, there is no record that has been disease-vector in Catalonia.

 Since the year 2008 Dipsalut and the Mancomunitat Intermunicipal Voluntària Servei de Control de Mosquits de la Badia de Roses i el Baix Ter, in collaboration with the Agency for Health Protection, develop the Program for the monitoring of the Tiger mosquito with such to fight against this invasive species.