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Dipsalut and the Mancomunitat Intermunicipal Voluntària Servei de Control de Mosquits de la Badia de Roses i el Baix Ter, in coordination with the catalan Public Health Agency, develop the Program for the monitoring and control of the tiger mosquito in the region of Girona.

The Program works on two lines of action. On the one hand, driving and apply surveillance and control measures to the public spaces. On the other hand, there was a campaign of public awareness to prevent the breeding areas in the private spaces.

In the first phase of development of the program (2008-2011), the actions of both control and awareness, have been carried out in the municipalities of the districts had previously requested the implementation of the program. In the second phase (from 2012), emphasis on awareness-raising to the population in all the municipalities of Girona, regardless of whether it has requested to Dipsalut the Program.


Surveillance and control measures of the population of the tiger mosquito in public spaces:

  • Creation of a network of volunteers for the trapping of adults.
  • Actions to control the population of adult mosquitoes and larvae in public spaces (implementation of products to kill the insect).
  • Mapping of sewers of risk and planning the implementation of larvicides: are catalogued that sewers of the municipality there are that treat periodically with larvicides to prevent the mosquito proliferate. The sewers of risk are those that tend to accumulate water.
  • Elaboration of the timetable for implementation of the product and training of the municipal brigades so that they can instruct-carry out this task.
  • Coordination and direction for all the actions of treatment carried out in the municipalities, are made by the program itself, by the subcontractors or by the local councils.
  • Control of the treatment of anti-larval. Has to be based on the monitoring of applications made on the public highway through the collection of samples and verification of the effectiveness of the same in the laboratory.
  • Detection and communication at the town halls of risk points for breeding tiger mosquito: communicate which are these points and recommend corrective measures to the municipalities.
  • Promoting the adoption of municipal ordinances for the non-proliferation of the mosquito: it facilitates the model ordinance. It is a tool that makes it possible to regulate the work of the inspectors to reduce pockets that generate mosquitoes in private areas.
  • Technical advice and recommendation of corrective measures both within the public sphere (municipalities or other agencies) as well as within the private sphere (individuals).
  • Inspection of problem areas and with a high level of complaints: the objective is to detect the main focuses of the tiger mosquito, in order to undertake the necessary corrective measures and transmit the information to the neighbors to avoid breeding of the insect in their private spaces.
  • Establishment of a technical team with some municipalities assigned that works on the ground to give support to the neighbors and local councils are also responsible for conducting preliminary studies to develop a program of actions in the municipalities that request it.

  • AwarenessAwareness
  • ControlControl
  • TrapsTraps

Proceedings of information and public awareness:

For each ten detections of tiger mosquito, only two correspond to the public space, while the rest are located in private spaces, where it is necessary that the citizen act. For this reason, the Program develops numerous actions to sensitize the population of the importance of preventing the proliferation of the mosquito in their private spaces such as, for example, the Educational Project of the Tiger Mosquito.


  • Promotion of the creation of brigades municipal information and formation of the same: it is people who are responsible for carrying out door-to-door to explain the measures that each citizen has to take in their homes to avoid the proliferation of the mosquito.
  • Distribution of information material (brochures, posters, etc) where they explain the measures to be taken to prevent the proliferation of the mosquito and the importance of deploying them.
  • Programming of lectures and informative workshops on the tiger mosquito in collaboration with the municipalities Girona.
  • Dissemination of information campaigns to the media to sensitize the population on its role in the fight against the tiger mosquito.
  • Promotion of the task of raising and dissemination of information from the town councils in the Girona counties: provides material for information and form to the municipal staff (citizen attention, police... ).
  • Attention and response to citizen consultation on the tiger mosquito.
  • Education in the prevention of the tiger mosquito to schoolchildren and, at the same time, with their families, through the Educational Project of the Tiger mosquito.

Each campaign has mainly between the months of April and November (the time of the mosquito is active). At the end produces an annual report of the actions taken and the overall situation of the tiger mosquito to the Girona region.